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Let's Grow Together

Nicola Bird | The Floral Project

Let's Grow Together

Sow. Grow. Give.

Do Something Good with your Garden

The Floral Project Community is place for all those in the UK who want to learn how to sow, grow and give cut flowers to those in our local towns and villages that could do with a smile.

Here you'll find

- flower growing guides, handy on your phone when you're in the garden

- a place to connect with those growing in your local area

- upcoming events and workshops to teach you how to get started

 - what to do when with reminders if you want them - in case life gets busy

- ideas for how to give your flowers and who to give to

- a lovely bunch of like-minded people, all sowing, growing and giving together

- and of course plenty of flower pics to get you inspired


My name is Nicola Bird and I'm a flower junkie:) I'm also the founder of The Floral Project.

Many of us have a heart-felt desire to give back to others  but despite our best intentions, it's all too easy for each day to go by and yet again we haven't taken action.

The Floral Project offers a simple way to use the resources you already have -  your garden - and contribute to your community at the same time.

Giving back in a way that brings beauty, environmental benefit and meaning into our lives and those of others.

Gardeners all around the UK are starting their own floral projects and creating a cut flower patch and growing flowers to give. I'd love to invite you to join us. 

There's no cost to join this Community, just an ask that you be kind, you contribute and that you fall as much in love with flowers as the rest of us:)

Simply click the 'request to join' button, let me know a little about you, I'll approve you shortly and then you're in! 

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